Learn How to Apply for Unemployment Benefits in the U.S.

United States workers who have recently lost their jobs can file for unemployment and start receiving government benefits on a monthly basis. The federal program that administers the unemployment payments in the country is the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program of the U.S. Department of Labor. However, before you apply for unemployment benefits, you are required to meet certain eligibility requirements.

Generally, the DOL implements broad guidelines about the program’s management, such as the amount of payable benefits, the criteria for participation and the application methods. Note that the unemployment insurance agency of your home state may set additional unemployment registration requirements, and allow different methods of application. Therefore, before you file for an unemployment claim, you must familiarize yourself with the details of your state’s UI procedures.

Typically, states allow you to apply via the internet and provide instructions on how to apply for unemployment online. However, depending on your state’s UI policy, you may also have the option to file for unemployment by mailing a paper application or providing your data by phone.

If you are wondering how can I sign up for unemployment and where to register for unemployment benefits in the U.S., read the below sections:

  • How do I apply for unemployment benefits in the U.S.?
  • How do I prepare to apply for unemployment benefits?
  • Where to sign up for unemployment benefits
  • What to do after submitting your UI benefits claim

How do I apply for unemployment benefits in the U.S.?

To apply for unemployment benefits in the U.S. you must file for an unemployment claim with your respective state UI agency. The standard process requires you to undergo the unemployment registration procedure in the state where you were employed. Therefore, if your former posting was located in a state other than your current state or you have had several jobs throughout the country, you can obtain information on how to proceed from the UI office of your present location.

In general, to file for unemployment, you must first meet your state’s UI requirements:

  • Only former workers who have lost their job through no fault of their own, such as reduction in working hours or layoffs, can apply for unemployment benefits.
  • You must have earned a certain amount of wages in the months leading to your unemployment, and you must have been actively seeking a job.
  • Your full name and Social Security Number
  • Your contact information, such as your phone number and your resident and mailing addresses

Information about the jobs you have held in the last 18 months before your unemployment, such as:

  • The dates of your employment and the reason you are no longer employed
  • The employers’ names, addresses and phone numbers
  • The amount of gross wages earned
  • Contact the UI agency to provide the necessary data by phone.
  • Download and print a paper application to:
  • Submit it in person through your state’s UI office.
  • Mail it to the address of the UI agency.

If you meet the above requirements, you can commence your state’s process to file for unemployment benefits through one of the methods available to you. Certain states also allow you obtain assistance from a close friend or a relative during the unemployment registration procedure. For instance, if you applying for UI benefits in New York, and you have a disability, another individual may help you to file for an unemployment claim. However, you must be present at all times, and you will be held accountable for his or her actions regarding your UI benefits application.

How do I prepare to apply for unemployment benefits?

Prior to starting your unemployment registration claim, you must prepare for the procedure by collecting certain types of documents and information. Some state Unemployment Insurance offices may allow you to apply for unemployment benefits, even if you are unable to submit all necessary items during the initial application. However, you will be required to submit the remaining data and paperwork at a later time and your UI benefits may be delayed.

In general, the following information is necessary to process your UI claim:

In order to prove your identity and citizenship, state Unemployment Insurance agencies will also require you to provide identification documents, such as your valid driver’s license or state ID card.

Note: The aforementioned documentation and information requirements may vary from state to state.

Learn Where to Sign Up for Unemployment Benefits

After collecting all items necessary for the unemployment registration process, you must learn where to apply for unemployment in your state. Generally, you can submit an online application for unemployment through the website of your state UI agency. However, some applicants may be unable to file for an unemployment claim online. Therefore, depending on your state’s policies and procedures, you may also be able to:

U.S. states generally implement a one-week waiting period after you submit your UI petition. Therefore, if your application is accepted, you will receive your benefits within two to three weeks.

What to Do After Submitting Your UI Benefits Claim

After you apply for unemployment benefits in your state, you will be required to complete several additional tasks before you start receiving your weekly or bi-weekly UI paychecks. These mandatory tasks vary from state to state. Generally, the standard procedure requires you to register for work through a local workforce center, as you must be actively seeking employment to qualify for unemployment benefits. In addition, certain states, such as Colorado, will also ask you to verify your identity by completing a Verification of Personal Information form.

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