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Job seekers in the United States can increase their chances of securing work by submitting a well-prepared employment application. An important component of every job application is an eloquent and engaging resume. To get assistance with resume writing, you can use various websites that are specifically designed to alleviate the job-hunting process. Some of the most comprehensive online sources that offer resume writing help include the USAJobs and the CareerOneStop government websites.

USAJobs, the official search engine for federal jobs, offers a simple yet efficient resume writing tool called the Resume Builder. Meanwhile, the Department of Labor (DOL) provides a comprehensive resume guide through CareerOneStop, its official job search webpage. To participate in a more practical writing workshop, on the other hand, you can contact one of the DOL’s American Job Centers in your vicinity to inquire about upcoming resume writing classes. Finally, if you choose to write your curriculum vitae without any assistance, you can employ several general tips regarding the appropriate structure, language and length of an effective resume.

Read the below sections to learn how to write a resume and to review several helpful sources for resume writing in the U.S.:

  • General tips for writing a strong resume
  • The benefits of the CareerOneStop and USAJobs resume services
  • The American Job Centers’ resume writing workshops

General Tips for Writing a Strong Resume

Prior to submitting an application for a job, you can utilize certain resume writing tips to increase the effectiveness of your CV. As employers generally browse through numerous resumes when filling a vacancy, yours must make a strong first impression. For example, CVs with common mistakes, such as grammatical and spelling errors, are typically dismissed without a thorough evaluation. To ensure the success of your resume, follow the below general writing tips:

  • Abide by the employer’s specific submission requirements, and use a professional email address.
  • Adapt your resume to the needs of the business and the requirements of the job.
  • Be concise and only include information relevant to the vacancy. Provide detailed specifics about your past work experience in a clear and direct manner.
  • Correct any spelling or grammatical errors. ï‚·Include other educational experience, aside from your formal degrees.
  • Add any additional information which will increase the value of your application in a separate section.

The data you provide with your resume must be presented logically and in chronological order. The length of your resume must not exceed more than two pages, and you must use a clear font in an adequate size. Other important formatting factors include: using wide margins, arranging your information in bullet points and writing your headings in a bold or italic typeface.

The Benefits of the CareerOneStop and USAJobs Resume Services

Users of the Department of Labor’s CareerOneStop website also have access to its extensive Resume Guide, which offers step-by-step instructions for compiling a persuasive resume. The manual provides general tips on writing and formatting, along with sample resumes from other job seekers. With the guidebook, you will also learn how to market your resume on various social media sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Some of the topics covered by the CareerOneStop’s Resume Guide include:

  • The advantages of a well-written resume. ï‚·Strategies for writing an effective curriculum vitae.
  • The importance of gathering data about the job and the employer.
  • Aspects of the resume writing process, such as the basics, the first draft, editing and design.

If you are searching for government employment through the USAJobs webpage, on the other hand, you can use its Resume Builder tool. However, prior to using the CV builder, you are required to create a USAJobs account. You can either upload an already existing resume and amend it or start composing a new resume.

The Resume Builder is composed of several sections. In the first part, you are required to enter your past work and educational experiences. You can enter data for each of your previous jobs in separate entries. Then, you can add up to five different references in the second section. The last part of the builder is reserved for any additional relevant information, such as job-related skills and language skills.

Note: You can save your progress and complete remaining Resume Builder fields later. If you gain additional work and educational experience, you can always edit your resume and attach additional supporting documentation.

About the American Job Centers’ Resume Writing Workshops

To get help with writing your resume at a local level, you can visit one of the DOL’s American Job Centers (AJC). In general, you can either consult with one of the AJC’s officials or sign up for any upcoming resume writing workshops. To complement their traditional classroom workshops, certain AJCs also offer online resume writing resources through their websites. The availability of these courses varies from center to center. In some AJCs, the resume writing workshops are part of a larger topic, whereas, in others, they are a standalone lesson. Inquire with the American Job Center in your area to learn whether or not it offers any resume seminars and how you can apply for them.

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