Learn About Resume Submission in the United States

Find Out How to Apply for Unemployment

If you are unemployed and in search of a new job that fits your skillset, the first and most important step to take is to create a well-crafted resume. Creating a professional resume that will showcase your education, work experience and skills accurately may be a challenging task, and most recruiters know exactly which resumes are promising just from a glance.

Furthermore, today these employers typically take this glance online before even meeting applicants in person. As of now, more and more companies require candidates to submit their professional resume via the official company website. Additionally, many of the specialized websites that list current job openings require online resume submission.

If you would like to learn how to submit your CV online, as well as the benefits of using resume submission services, read the sections outlined below:

  • Online resume submission
  • Benefits of online resume submission

Find Out About Online Resume Submission

Online resume submission is a term that encompasses resumes submitted through an online job board or similar job-seeking service, via email or by publishing a resume on a personal website. Depending on the method you use to look for a job, you may be asked to submit your resume in a specific format, using certain fonts or even CV templates. Thus, before submitting your professional resume, job seekers must get acquainted with the rules and requirements of online submission for the specific company.

When you prepare your CV for online submission, you must have a version optimized for online posting. Many unemployed individuals may not be aware that a traditional resume format intended for a physical copy does not display the same visual result as a resume that has been specifically formatted for online submission. Most recruiters today will reject a resume if it is not optimized for internet submission.

Another important step to take when preparing a resume for online submission is to optimize it with job-related keywords. When looking for suitable candidates, many employers use special keyword-searchable databases and run all the resumes they have received through the system in order to extract the most appropriate CVs, i.e. those that contain keywords related to the job opening. Recruiters also use this method to comb through all the resumes posted on job-seeking websites and job boards.

In addition to technical features, your CV must also be substantial and highlight your accomplishments rather than just your job qualifications.

However, job seekers must keep their CV copy clean and text-based, avoiding the use of different fonts, graphic details or colors. Most (if not all) exaggerated resumes are quickly rejected, as recruiters prefer to focus on the individual’s experience and skills, not on the visual appearance of the resume.

Finally, professional resumes intended for online publication must not contain too many personal details about the applicant, as such information is visible for the public and may be easily misused. In any case, there are many online services that can help you create an optimized resume in just a few clicks.

Benefits of Online Resume Submission

Almost all job openings are published on company websites, job-seeking websites or specialized job boards, inviting qualified candidates to apply by submitting a resume online. However, many job seekers are wary of posting their personal information online, especially on public forums and job boards where the resumes are available to anyone.

While precautionary measures must be taken, candidates can certainly benefit from posting their professional CV online, namely, by significantly increasing their chances of being selected for an interview. Listed below are just some of the many benefits of online resume submission:

  • Candidates who submit a resume online have higher chances of being considered for multiple jobs.
  • Online resume submission is free of charge, and you do not need to pay for mailing costs.
  • Online submission is a fast and convenient option for both the job seeker and the employer.
  • Your online resume can be very versatile, and you can edit it and make changes in just a few clicks.
  • You can send your resume to a large number of potential employers at the same time.
  • Online resumes are instantly accessible to employers, making it easy for them to fill a job vacancy as soon as possible.

In addition to the above-stated advantages, if you post your CV to a job board, you can easily sign up for notifications and be one of the first to be informed when a new relevant job position has opened. This gives you the opportunity to be among the first to apply for the position and be noticed by recruiters.

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