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The Georgia unemployment denial appeal process is available to all state workers who have had their unemployment compensation benefits denied. Unemployment insurance (UI) applicants must appeal the initial determination regarding denied unemployment coverage with the GA Department of Labor within 15 days of receiving it. Otherwise, the department’s decision becomes final. The state appeals process is comprised of several levels. Claimants who were denied unemployment benefits in Georgia with the initial determination notice must initiate the procedure at the first level. State employees who do not receive a favorable decision at the lowest level can then appeal at the next. The GDOL offers several methods to submit your written GA unemployment denial appeal, such as by email, in person, by standard post or by fax. Regardless of the preferred submission method, former workers can ensure the success of their plea by completing several tasks prior to initiating the procedure, such as reviewing the reasons that lead to denial of benefits.

If you have had your unemployment benefits denied in Georgia, and you are wondering, “what can I do if unemployment denied my UI payments?”, read the below sections:

  • What to do before filing an unemployment denial appeal in Georgia
  • How to Submit a Georgia unemployment denial appeal with the GDOL Appeals Tribunal
  • How to Appeal denied unemployment benefits in Georgia with the department’s Board of Review

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What to Do Before Filing an Unemployment Denial Appeal in Georgia

Prior to filing an unemployment denial appeal in Georgia, UI claimants who have had their unemployment benefits denied must adequately prepare for the process in order to increase their chances of winning the appeal. For instance, by reviewing the reasons for denial of UI coverage, you will learn whether or not you have strong cause to request a reconsideration of your case.If you were denied unemployment payments, but you were fired as a result of wrongful termination in GA, for instance, you have good chances of winning the appeal.

State UI applicants are generally denied unemployment benefits in GA for the following reasons:

  • They cannot provide proof of a qualifying work separation.
  • They have not earned a sufficient amount of wages in their base period.
  • They did not provide proof of lawful presence in the United States.
  • They failed to follow the GDOL procedures when submitting their UI claim.
  • They did not meet the weekly qualification criteria.

After examining the above causes that lead to denial of benefits, UI claimants can start collecting the necessary evidence documents and witnesses in support of their Georgia unemployment denial appeal. Also, dismissed workers must continue claiming benefits on a weekly basis in order to receive all due UI payments if and when they win their request for reconsideration.

UI petitioners who are in need of an interpreter can contact GDOL Appeals Tribunal before the date of the hearing in order to be accommodated.

How to  Submit a Georgia Unemployment Denial Appeal With the GDOL Appeals Tribunal

State employees who have had their unemployment compensation benefits denied in Georgia can initiate the GDOL appeals process by requesting a hearing with the department’s administrative judge. The audit is generally conducted by telephone, however, per request, the UI applicant may also be granted an in-person hearing.

A complete unemployment denial appeal in GA contains the worker’s:

  • Full name and contact information, such as addresses and phone numbers.
  • Social Security Number.
  • Determination letter’s date of issue.
  • Reason for appealing the GDOL decision.

After receiving the claimant’s request for reassessment, the department will mail the Hearing Notice to all interested parties in order to inform them of the audit’s details. During the hearing, the GDOL judge will give each interested party an opportunity to present their evidence and testimonies, as well as the statements of their witnesses. The hearing officer’s decision will be based on the evidence presented during the GDOL audit, and he or she will inform all interested parties of his or her decision as soon as possible.

Note: Dismissed workers who were denied unemployment benefits in Georgia also have the option hire a lawyer to represent them during the GDOL audit.

How to Appeal Denied Unemployment Benefits in Georgia With the Department’s Board of Review

State applicants who still have their unemployment benefits denied in GA after receiving the decision regarding their initial unemployment denial appeal can plea with the department’s appeals board. The GDOL Board of Review consist of three members who were appointed by the state to review determinations of administrative judges. Claimants who are appealing denied unemployment coverage with the board must submit their plea within the same 15-day timeframe, which applied for first-level appeals. The request for review can only be sent in writing by mail or in person to the address of the board.

Note that the Board of Review will only review the recording of the first-level hearing, and it will rule based on the evidence and witness statements submitted during the original audit. The appeals commission will then make one of the following decisions:

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