Learn About Receiving an Unemployment Extension in Kansas

Kansas Unemployment Extensions Information

There are some cases in which an unemployment compensation extension may be deemed necessary. In Kansas, unemployment benefits are typically distributed over a span of 26 weeks. However, considering that unemployment benefits were intended to last until the applicant finds new employment, there are few opportunities for unemployment benefits extension available for beneficiaries who are still seeking work. Not every applicant is eligible for an unemployment extension, and depending on the amount of available jobs in Kansas, there may not even be a federal unemployment extension available.

Review the following sections to better understand how to get an unemployment extension in Kansas:

• How can I extend unemployment?
• What can I do to extend unemployment?

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How can I extend unemployment?

Oftentimes, obtaining an unemployment compensation extension has less to do with the applicant and more to do with the current job market. In fact, eligible applicants may have their current benefits automatically renew into an unemployment benefits extension without the applicant needing to do anything. Still, you should be aware of what unemployment extensions you have available to you if you ever need them.

There are two types of federal unemployment extension programs:

• Extended Benefits Program (EB)
• Federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC)

About Extended Benefits

In order for applicants to be eligible for Extended Benefits, they must have already exhausted their original benefits. This unemployment compensation extension program isn’t always available, and will typically only be offered when Kansas is experiencing particularly high rates of unemployment. If this unemployment benefits extension program is not currently available to you, it may become available at a later time, depending upon the state’s economic climate Kansas. Once Kansas has hit the required unemployment percentile, the state is required to offer federal unemployment extensions for a minimum of 16 weeks.

When the Extended Benefits program is available, applicants can have an extra 50% added to their regular benefits over the course of their unemployment extension.

About Federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC)

If the Extended Benefits program is currently available, it is highly likely that Federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation is also available. Monetary aid from this unemployment benefit extension program can only be received after an applicant has exhausted both their original benefits and their Extended Benefits.

The EUC program has four tiers of unemployment extensions:

  • Tier 1 supplies unemployment extension benefits for 20 weeks
  • Tier 2 supplies unemployment extension benefits for 14 weeks
  • Tier 3 supplies unemployment extension benefits for 13 weeks
  • Tier 4 supplies unemployment extension benefits for 6 weeks

The tier you are eligible for is decided on a case-by-case basis.

What can I do to extend unemployment?

Applying for an unemployment benefit extension in the state of Kansas is rather similar to your original benefits application process. First, you must contact your unemployment counselor to make sure your case will not automatically roll into an unemployment extension. If you are not likely to receive automatic benefit extension, then you may have to file a separate unemployment claim. Like your original application, you will have to maintain eligibility throughout the process and during the entire time you are receiving federal unemployment benefits extension.

The eligibility requirements for unemployment benefits extension stipulate that you:

  • Are willing to seek and accept any suitable employment. In the state of Kansas, suitable work is defined as any job that the applicant is trained and experienced to complete and can both physically and mentally perform.
  • Continuously seek new employment and report a required number of job searches for each week claimed, unless deferred.
  • Create an online resume or be registered in any Kansas employment program assigned to you.
  • Continue filing your weekly claims, even when in between benefit programs.

Failure to maintain your eligibility may disqualify you from receiving an unemployment compensation extension. It is highly recommended that you keep a record of the names, emails, addresses, and available positions you have applied for as proof of your continued job search. All of this information will be followed up on, so be sure you provide only honest and correct information to avoid being charged with fraud. Another important thing to remember while collecting unemployment benefit extension aid in Kansas is that you must immediately update the unemployment department with any change in your job situation. If you have obtained full-time or part-time work, you are required to submit this information to the unemployment department. Unemployment beneficiaries who have obtained part-time work, may still be eligible to receive part-time benefits.

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