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The reasons an applicant may be denied unemployment benefits in Michigan are varied. Denials may involve an initial disqualification or may occur during the course of collecting weekly benefits. Should an applicant be denied unemployment in MI, he or she has the option to file an unemployment denial appeal.

The reasons applicant are denied unemployment and the answers to the question “What can I do if unemployment denied me benefits?” are elaborated upon in the following sections.

• Denied unemployment in Michigan from initial disqualification
• Michigan unemployment compensation benefits denied after initial acceptance
• Michigan unemployment denial appeal

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Learn About Denied Unemployment in Michigan From Initial Disqualification

A claimant can have Unemployment benefits denied in Michigan for any of the following initial disqualifications:

  1. Did not earn enough wages to receive unemployment benefits.
  2. Did not register for work before claiming unemployment benefits.
  3. Voluntarily quit their job without good cause.
  4. Voluntarily retired.
  5. Fired for being intoxicated for work.
  6. Placed on disciplinary suspension or layoff for misconduct connected with their work.
  7. Fired for absence due to conviction and imprisonment.
  8. Fired or put on disciplinary suspension for participating in a wildcat strike.
  9. Fired for assault and battery connected with their work.
  10. Willfully destroyed property at their work.
  11. Fired for illegal use or possession of drugs on the employer’s premises.
  12. Fired for refusing to submit to a drug test.
  13. Fired for testing positive for illegal drugs on a drug test.
  14. Fired due to a labor dispute.
  15. Failed to report to work for three consecutive work days without notifying the employer.
  16. Failed to notify a temporary help firm within seven days that a work assignment had ended.
  17. Negligently lost a requirement of the job that they were informed of at their time of hire.
  18. Provided fraudulent information in order to collect benefits.

Can My Michigan Unemployment Compensation Benefits Get Denied After Initial Acceptance?

In addition to having MI unemployment benefits denied due to an initial disqualification, UI beneficiaries can be denied unemployment benefits even after they receive unemployment compensation in Michigan. Examples of this would be if the applicant: was not able to work for each week he or she claimed; was not available for full-time suitable work; was not actively seeking full-time work; did not submit a Monthly Record of Work Search; did not accurately report all earnings from every employer when reporting to MARVIN (earnings means gross earnings from the week they are earned, even if they have not been paid); did not inform the UIA of any changes to the address or telephone number; did not inform all employers listed on the claim of any change of address or telephone number; did not respond to all Agency requests for information that are mailed, sent through MiWAM or by telephone from an Agency representative; did not report to MARVIN or MiWAM bi-weekly to receive benefits; did not appear at a specified location for an evaluation of eligibility to receive unemployment benefits after receiving a notice to do so in the mail. In addition, the claimant may have unemployment compensation benefits denied if he or she did not apply for and accept work outside of work experience and training after collecting half of the allotted benefit weeks. There are several more reasons accessible online.

If it is found that the former worker engaged in fraud to collect benefits, he or she will absolutely be denied unemployment, may have to pay back any benefits already receive and may be denied future benefits. Examples of fraud include the applicant’s overstating of wages to establish a claim and/or increase his or her weekly benefit amount when the wage information was not provided by the employer, the applicant’s failure to report earnings while working, having another person report to MARVIN or MiWam, and misreporting the reason for separation from his or her job.

Understanding Michigan Unemployment Denial Appeal

Regarding an MI unemployment denial appeal, there is always a possibility that there could be an issue regarding the applicant’s claim. A wrongful termination issue is an example of a dispute over the cause of the employee’s separation from the employer. The claimant may disagree with the Monetary Determination which was issued to them if it resulted in being denied unemployment benefits.

The former worker can protest a Determination or appeal a Redetermination for a hearing. However, he or she must continue to report using the MiWAM account online or MARVIN during the appointment week until he or she returns to full-time work. This will protect the applicant’s right to receive benefits if the issue on the claim is settled in his or her favor. The applicant, even if he or she is disqualified, found ineligible, or held subject to a denial period, must continue to contact MARVIN or MiWAM. These certified contacts may be used to pay the claimant benefits if it is later decided that he or she was entitled to benefits during this period.

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