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Missouri Unemployment Extensions Information

Unemployment benefits extensions in Missouri are available for residents without work when the state experiences high unemployment rates. In such circumstances, the government activates special emergency programs to provide additional weeks of benefits to recipients of unemployment insurance, in order to help them get by when there are no jobs available. However, unemployment compensation extensions are not always readily available, and you cannot simply submit an application to be considered. Furthermore, when the programs are active, you must meet certain eligibility requirements. Typically, the state government and the appropriate departments make a selection to decide who will receive additional benefits via unemployment extensions, and the eligible candidates are then notified accordingly.

The Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations does not currently have any active federal unemployment extension programs, but if you would like to learn more about unemployment compensation extensions, explore the sections outlined below:

  • What can I do to extend unemployment benefits in Missouri?
  • Unemployment extension programs in Missouri

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What can I do to extend unemployment benefits in Missouri?

When a state government decides to activate an emergency unemployment benefits extension program, many recipients of regular benefits may ask, How can I extend unemployment benefits for myself? However, there are no specific steps you can take to meet requirements for these programs, because the government and the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations simply make the selection based on who needs extended benefits the most.

Unemployment extensions are paid for a limited amount of time, and recipients should not rely on this type of assistance permanently because the amount of benefits is the same as the regular initial benefits they previously received, which were lower than their previous wages. If you are eligible to receive an unemployment compensation extension, you will be notified by mail or phone. However, if you would like to find out how to get an unemployment extension even before the programs are activated, contact your nearest DOLIR office to see if you would be eligible. Note that you are still required to actively seek work and accept a job if you are offered one during the extension period.

About Unemployment Extension Programs in Missouri

Missouri federal unemployment extension programs are activated by need during adverse economic conditions in the state that have resulted in high unemployment. If you are wondering What can I do to extend unemployment benefits? you must first be eligible for regular benefits in order to be considered for extended assistance. However, even this does not guarantee that you will be selected for an unemployment benefits extension. During times of economic crisis, the state government and the Department of Labor in Missouri may open the following unemployment extension programs:

  • The Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Program
  • The Extended Benefits (EB) Program

The Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program is a federal unemployment extension program that opens when there are high rates of unemployment and very few job openings. If you are a recipient of unemployment benefits but have not been able to find a job, you may be eligible to receive an unemployment compensation extension in Missouri during such a time. Through this program, residents can get up to 20 weeks of extended benefits or about 80 percent of their initial unemployment claim benefits. This program has four tiers, each providing a certain number of additional weeks. Tier 1, for example, offers an unemployment extension of up to 20 additional weeks, with Tier 2 recipients getting 14 additional weeks of unemployment benefits. Additionally, Tier 3 provides 13 weeks of extra benefits, and Tier 4 offers four weeks of unemployment compensation extension. The last time the EUC program was active was in 2013.

If the first emergency unemployment extension program is exhausted, and the economic situation remains adverse in relation to the unemployment rate, the government will activate the Extended Benefits (EB) program. This is a continuation of the EUC program and serves to provide additional weeks of benefits to those in need.

Note: If you qualified for the EUC program and received an unemployment benefits extension through it, you may also be eligible for the EB program. However, you do not need to officially reapply. You only need to have all your benefits from the EUC program used up in order to continue on to the EB program. In any case, this situation only applies when the unemployment compensation extension programs are active.

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