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The federal unemployment benefits in Ohio are weekly payments provided by the government to state workers who are temporarily unemployed with the goal to sustain them during their search for a new job. Even though the Unemployment Insurance program was created by the U.S. Department of Labor, former employees who would like to claim unemployment benefits must apply with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS). The ODJFS’s Office of Unemployment Insurance Operations administers the unemployment compensation (UC) program within the state and manages all OH unemployment benefits claims. Note that, however, claiming benefits for unemployment in OH is not an option for all former workers. Only employees who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own can claim unemployment benefits in Ohio.

Partially unemployed UC applicants who are working less than full-time may also be eligible for benefits. Depending on the number of qualifying weeks, UC beneficiaries may be eligible for up to 26 weeks of full unemployment benefits. However, during times of high unemployment, state workers may be eligible for unemployment benefits extensions in Ohio.

Learn how to claim unemployment benefits in OH and how to maintain your eligibility for UC payments by reading the sections below:

  • How to claim unemployment benefits in Ohio
  • Maintaining your unemployment benefits claim in Ohio
  • Ohio federal unemployment benefits and federal income taxes

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How to Claim Unemployment Benefits in Ohio

Interested UC claimants can claim unemployment benefits in Ohio as soon as they lose their jobs by submitting the necessary information and documents to the ODJFS. The department offers unemployment applicants the option to submit their Ohio unemployment benefits claim via the internet or supply their data by phone.

Prior to claiming benefits for unemployment, however, interested UC claimants must ensure they meet the program’s eligibility criteria. Namely, only workers who meet the following requirements can file for federal unemployment benefits in OH:

  • They have accumulated at least 20 weeks of covered unemployment.
  • They have earned at least $243 per week on average.
  • They were not at fault for their job separation.

After submitting their unemployment benefits claims in Ohio, UC applicants will be able to obtain their first payment within three to four weeks of the date of submission of the UC claim.

How to Maintain Your Unemployment Benefits Claim in Ohio

In order to receive Ohio federal unemployment benefits on a regular basis, UC beneficiaries will be required to resubmit their unemployment benefit claim each consecutive week. During this weekly certification procedure, state workers who are claiming benefits for unemployment in Ohio will have to answer the following questions regarding their continuing qualification for the UC program:
Are you able and available for work?
Are you actively seeking work?
Have you started attending school?
Have you participated in any mandatory reemployment service activities?
Were you offered employment suitable to your abilities and have you accepted the offer?
Did you have any income during the week for which you are applying for benefits?

The above eligibility factors will determine whether or not you continue receiving your weekly unemployment payments, as the purpose of the UC program is to provide financial assistance to Ohio’s active job-seekers. In certain cases, however, instead of canceling your federal unemployment benefits, the ODJFS will grant you a reduced amount of weekly UC payments. For instance, if you have had any earnings for the week in which you intend to claim unemployment benefits, they will be deducted from your weekly UC benefits, and the state will pay you the remainder. On the other hand, if you earn more than your allotted weekly payment, you will not be eligible for that week’s benefits.

Note: Unemployment compensation beneficiaries must provide truthful answers during their weekly UC recertification procedure, as the deliberate submission of false data is punishable by law.

Learn About Ohio Federal Unemployment Benefits and Federal Income Taxes

Jobless workers who are claiming benefits for unemployment in Ohio are required to report them to the Internal Revenue Service, since UC payments are considered taxable income. In order to alleviate the tax-filing process for UC applicants, the ODJFS offers them the option to withhold federal income taxes from their weekly payments of federal unemployment benefits.

Unemployment beneficiaries who choose to have their federal income taxes deducted from their weekly UC paychecks will pay them at the rate of 10 percent. In addition, the ODJFS will mail unemployment recipients an IRS 1099 Form at the start of the year, following the UC beneficiary’s benefit year.

Note: Even though UC applicants activate the tax-withholding option during the submission of their initial OH unemployment benefits claim, they can change their preference at a later time by contacting the ODJFS via the internet or by phone.

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