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When a petitioner wants to claim unemployment benefits in SD, there is no set allotment to expect, as each household has its own income and unique situation. There are standards for the dispersal of federal unemployment benefits. Understanding how to claim, estimate benefits calculations and keep them is pivotal to maintaining a flow of income when funds are needed most. The following topics about claiming benefits for unemployment are answered in this section:
• How to claim unemployment benefits in South Dakota
• How are unemployment benefits calculated in South Dakota?
• How long does it take to receive unemployment benefits in South Dakota?
• Are there extensions when benefits run out in South Dakota?
• Are my unemployment benefits taxable in South Dakota?
• How are unemployment benefits paid in South Dakota?
• What Other unemployment programs are provided in South Dakota?
• Will I lose benefits for accepting part-time work in South Dakota?

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How to Claim Unemployment Benefits in South Dakota

Wondering how to claim unemployment benefits in South Dakota? First, check all the information needed and make sure your notice of monetary determination is accurate. Also, if possible, file your SD unemployment benefits claim within the first week of losing work. After applying by phone or on the web, you will have to wait until your claim is approved. You are eligible to claim unemployment benefits even if you are employed part-time. You will officially be claiming benefits for unemployment after you follow the instructions located in the notice of monetary determination, which may include registering with a job program or setting up an appointment at your local SD unemployment office.

How Are Unemployment Benefits Calculated in South Dakota?

Benefits are calculated by taking your highest earning calendar quarter and dividing it by 26. For example, if your total pay was $2600 in the highest three-month quarter, then your weekly benefit amount would be $100. Amounts vary depending on your total yearly income and the number of members residing in the household.

How Long Does It Take to Receive Unemployment Benefits in South Dakota?

After filing an unemployment benefits claim, it can take up to three or four weeks to receive your first payment.

Are There Extensions When Benefits Run out in South Dakota?

You may be eligible for an unemployment benefits extension if South Dakota is in a state of high unemployment. A letter explaining how to receive the SD unemployment benefits extension will be sent to you when this happens. Extensions are activated by the federal government and are mostly out of the state’s control. Part of the extended federal unemployment benefits is the Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC), which covers states when the unemployment rate rises too high. There are four tiers of EUC lasting up to 53 weeks in total. However, no benefits are active unless the state’s unemployment rate reaches a certain percent.

Are My Unemployment Benefits Taxable in South Dakota?

All federal unemployment benefits are taxable under federal income tax regulations. Taxes can be deducted from your benefits automatically, or you may agree to pay them all at the end of the year.

How Are Unemployment Benefits Paid in South Dakota?

Unemployment benefits are paid to you through a special USBank debit card, called the ReliaCard. You will receive the card in the mail and have to activate it by phone or online. The card receives federal unemployment benefits instantly and can be used as a regular debit card to make purchases, pay bills online, or withdraw cash from ATMs. You will also have the option to schedule automatic transfers from the debit card into your own bank account. You will receive the forms needed to enroll in direct deposit in the mail with your ReliaCard.

What Other Unemployment Programs Are Provided in South Dakota?

There are four different unemployment insurance programs in South Dakota that individuals may be randomly selected to join:


• The Job Assistance Program (JSAP): Provides training workshops to help individuals with job searches.
• Re-Employment Services (RES): Offers Re-Employment services to help discover and improve skills with aptitude tests and find new work opportunities.
• Re-Employment and Eligibility Assessment (REA): Instructs on how to obtain eligibility and keep it.
• Re-Employment Intensive Services (RIS): Provides more direct focus on job skills improvement to develop a re-employment plan and find work quickly.

Will I Lose Benefits for Accepting Part-Time Work in South Dakota?

Generally, you will not lose SD unemployment claim benefits for working less than full-time, unless your weekly pay equaled or exceeded the weekly benefit. If you report a change in income, your benefit amounts may be lowered or increased. Make sure to report any increase or decrease in income in order to prevent overpayment or underpayment. If you are overpaid, it could result in wage garnishment.

What if I move to another address?

Since the U.S. Post Office does not forward unemployment-related mail, you will have to directly contact the local unemployment office to change your address. You can contact them by phone, email, or regular mail. Not notifying the unemployment office means you no longer meet qualifications for unemployment, and will stop receiving benefits.

Can I cancel or reopen an unemployment claim?

To cancel your claim, you have to write a letter requesting cancellation within 15 days of the date you receive the notice of monetary determination.You can reopen a claim if you forgot to file weekly certifications, or changed your address.

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