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A VT unemployment compensation extension may be available to recipients of unemployment benefits that have expired. “How can I extend unemployment?” is the first question many recipients are left asking once benefits expire. Learning how to get an unemployment extension is a top priority for recipients who still have not found full-time work after exhausting their unemployment benefits.

To learn more about an extension, review the following sections:

  • Options for unemployment benefits extensions in Vermont
  • How to apply for an unemployment extension in Vermont
  • Eligibility for the federal unemployment extension program in Vermont

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What Are the Options for Unemployment Benefits Extensions in Vermont?

A Vermont unemployment extension may be the only hope for applicants who have expired benefits. Recipients are eager to remain receiving the same unemployment benefits they have in the past, while they continue to look for full-time work. A VT unemployment compensation extension, however, is not always available to recipients.
There are many factors that must be in place in order for these extensions to be offered. Without the proper extension in effect and a current satisfactory eligibility status, a claimant of unemployment benefits may not be able to have his or her benefits extended.

For a Vermont unemployment extension to be in effect, here are a few things that need to be in motion with the federal and state government.

  • There is an extremely high unemployment period in Vermont.
  • A VT unemployment extension has been issued by the state or federal government, where unemployment benefits will be available for a period of time after regular benefits have been exhausted.
  • The recipient still meets all eligibility requirements for unemployment benefits after regular benefits cease.
  • A federal unemployment extension notice was received by the recipient stating he or she is eligible.

If all of these factors are in place, an extension may be filed to continue receiving these unemployment insurance benefits after the regular period has passed. These extension periods can usually last a few weeks. A Vermont unemployment extension is available to unemployment benefit recipients when the local job market is struggling for an extended period of time. If the unemployment rate has stayed high for a while, it is likely that the state or federal government will issue an extension of benefits for those currently receiving assistance. Since there are so many residents looking for jobs, the government offers this extended assistance to those facing this competitive job market. An unemployment extension of benefits may be available to the recipient, and if this is the case, he or she will be notified.

How to Apply for an Unemployment Extension in Vermont

“What can I do to extend unemployment benefits?” is often asked by recipients once their regular unemployment benefits run out. Unfortunately, if there is no extension period in place, there is no way for a recipient to continue to receive unemployment benefits once the regular period has expired. A Vermont unemployment benefits extension can only come to fruition if it has been approved and put into place by the federal or state government.

As a recipient of unemployment benefits, the state government will notify you if there is an extension in place that you are qualified for. An unemployment compensation extension notice will be sent once your current and regular benefits have run out. The government will also offer a step by step guide on how to claim this extension, how long this extension could be, and what you need to do to start receiving these extended benefits.

Throughout the process, it is important to continue filing for your regular unemployment benefits and continue doing job searches. Do not stop documenting your job searches or other proactive tasks you are performing to look for employment. Maintaining these responsibilities will keep you in an eligible status and receiving your current benefits. Receiving the unemployment benefits extension funds will be quicker and easier if you are keeping up with these duties.

What Are the Requirements for the Federal Unemployment Extension Program in Vermont

A Vermont federal unemployment extension program requires its recipients to complete an Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) orientation at a local office of the Vermont Department of Labor. If the recipient chooses to, he or she can complete and send back an EUC orientation packet instead of attending this class in person. Before an unemployment benefits extension is allowed, the recipient will need to show proof that this task is completed.

The recipient will also need to stay on top of the usual tasks that are asked to be completed in order to stay eligible to receive unemployment benefits. He or she needs to have job searches completed and thorough documentation of these searches available for review. Vermont unemployment extension benefits may be delayed if this paperwork and the orientation packet or class is not completed on time. If all of these tasks are completed and there has been an extension approved by the federal or state government, an eligible recipient may be awarded these extended benefits.

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